23 days of sailing from Durban to Abu Dhabi true to the Mozambique channel
between Mozambique and Madagaskar and Arabian sea close to the Somali cost with distans 300 NM off shore.Leaving Durban for the first few days we had very bed weather condition having strong wind 35 knots from the front .In this stage we did not make any progress knowing we have to cover more then 4000 NM in not very friendly area witch is Arabian sea.
Always after bad weather is good weather,that’s way we decide to stop on a little atol Bassas Da India between Mozambique and Madagaskar .We didn’t have any luck to put our feet on dry land cues all atol was under water,maybe with bit of luck at low tide we could make some barbecue on dry land.Next morning wake up early to do some amazing dive exploring under water channel.

20121014-122014.jpgNext stop completely inhabited little island north west of Madagaskar Juan Da Nova with beautiful white sandy beaches.



20121014-122148.jpgFrom Juan Da Nova 260 NM ,one day sailing to French island Mayotte,on the southern Indian Ocean,island on the Mozambique Channel,about half way between northern Madagaskar and northern Mozambique

20121014-122352.jpgMayotte was coded to France along with the others islands of the Comoros group in 1843.It was only the island in the archipelago that voted in 1974 to retain its link with France and forego independents .
In march 2009 Mayotte voted to become France’s 101 st department and fifth overseas department .A Change scheduled to become official in 2011 )
Arriving at night is not easy to do all formality ,like customs and emigration,in one word the French officers wasn’t friendly to us ,but finally we did everything next morning ,now we can go and explore the island.After lunch in local restaurant and shopping for next part of the trip we start to walk around the island .I have been in many places around the world but that what I have seen on Mayotte I did not see long time , I mean lots of rubbish everywhere ,streets full of plastic bottles and beer cans (welcome to France).I would not recommend to visit this place .people are not very friendly and island is very dirty.Our decision take some more fuel and let’s leave this place.Now before us 2700 NM to Abu Dhabi without any stop cues of the piracy attack ,even if we sailing we are easy target to attack,but everything went well . Pangaea arrive safe and happy to our finale destination Abu Dhabi,we have been well prepared,and well organize .Now we enjoy the heat of the United Arab Emirates