sailing vessel Pangaea

Over 22 000 hours of intricate design time and years of marine expertise culminated in producing this truly remarkable sailboat.

At 35 metres in length, the 30-berth vessel combines comfort and safety with rugged versatility and premium innovation. Integrated in Pangaea are the latest state-of-the-art and eco-friendly, sustainable technologies with Mercedes-Benz BlueTec engines, solar panels, a recyclable aluminium hull and trawling nets for bottles.

Pangaea has been constructed to mirror the mission statement of the expedition. That being to enhance a respect of the environment, so it integrates most of the tools to produce energy with the lowest possible pollution emission.

As aluminium was readily available in Brasil at the time of construction, the perfect solution was to set up workshop in a suburb of Sao Paolo, a mere 200 kms away from the ocean, where the workforce was ready and willing.

The construction of Pangaea supplied work and income for over 200 Brasilian families for an entire year.Image


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