La Braye – Recreation and Adventure in Pays d’Enhaut Château-d’Oex

From Dorf Château-d’Oex (Château-d’Oex Village) the aerial cable car glides over the Saane Valley. A chair lift then takes you to the foot of Rochers du Midi. The gentle landscape of Pays d’Enhaut as well as attractive packages make La Braye a family-friendly excursion destination.
The mountain became famous due to the treasure hunt that followed in the footsteps of the adventurer Mike Horn. The Ant Trail gives insights into the fascinating world of the little six-legged insects. A visit to a farm acquaints visitors with donkeys, cows, chickens and ducks.

A 248-meter Tyrolienne near the valley station located at 1625 meters offers adventurers an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for more adventure, test the downhill scooters (Trottinherbe) on an exciting descent into the valley, or ride a mountain bike and retrace the tracks of the Mountainbike World Cup.

In winter Château-d’Oex / La Braye is a family-friendly, small snow sports area near Gstaad. Children up to age 9 ski for free everywhere in the Vaudois Alps.











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