5 thoughts on “Building my new octocopter Tarot T 15,carbon fiber .day first unboxing and assemblying

  1. Excellent blog and very good tutorial. I’m thinking of building one myself. I already have a quad with FPV and this will be my first build and I’m not sure what components are required. I’ve emailed all the Chinese providers but they don’t understand my question. Where did you purchase yours from?

    • Hello thanks for a comment ,so if you want to build a drone first you must know which one you want ,octo ,hexa or quadrocopter .on the market it is lot of them .you can buy ready to fly (more expensive ) or kit ,you must build yourselfe ( lot of fun ).i bought my frame Tarot T15 huge octocopter from Helipal.com they located in Hong Kong ,very very nice guys no problem with them ,after selecting a frame you must look for a right motors and Esc ,cables all connections and most importend main controler like Naza or Wk and of course good transmiter .if you have more question about pls just email me and I will be more then happy to help you ….jacek .proniewicz@onet.eu .hope to hear soon from you Jacek

  2. Hey Jack, thanks for posting a blog. What are your impressions of the T15 now that you have had it for a while? Any thing you would do different? Did you put a gimbal and camera on board?

    • Hello ,I am very happy with my Tarot T 15 ,so I would like to change Naza M2 for Wookong or A 2 and better props ,those what I bought are not very well balanced .and I still did not instal a gimbal still saving a money for one I like I thing i will go for newest zenmuse which is quiet expensive ,hope I can get him soon ,thanks for a mail Jacek

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