In the north-western part of Poland, where the Odra river lazily continues its journey into the Baltic Sea and where you can find the alluring open spaces of Lake Dabie, lies a charming city, fuli of greenery. Here, the past intertwines with the present. That city is Szczecin – once a proud seat of the House of Griffins, a dynasty of Pomeranian dukes, and today a metropolis, teeming with life, offering a whole archipelago of tourist attractions to its visitors.
The city of a thousand sensations
Szczecin is fuli of surprises, magical places, it offers unique experiences. Just open your eyes and listen to its heartbeat… Stand in the shadow of its City Hali, sit down for a minute in the Castle courtyard, look up into the sky at the base of the Szczecin Cathedral, with its tower spire reaching high into the clouds. Watch the panoramic view of the city from the 22nd floor of a modern office block, and then visit the underground tunnels. Take a walk the forest line, swim across the lake… Visit Szczecin – discover a city that will leave you with a thousand fond memories.